“The Dreamer”

This piece is dedicated to the dreamers. Or should I say dream catchers? Because the best dreams are from Him.

With beautiful *yieldedness the dreamers open up their souls and receive.

So thirsty, they drink deeply of His love; His thoughts, tender and fierce beatings of His heart.

I was falling asleep, or trying to. But *flash!* this scene came suddenly into my mind. So clear as if it was already created.

“Wow,” I thought…”definitely going to have to try creating that one…maybe tomorrow when I’m rested…”

But then of course I could not sleep, though it was past my bedtime!

So I got up.

Pulled out my paints.

“Fluid strokes, simple lines…simplicity” was whispered into my spirit.

And there she is, beautiful dreamer.

Created in the night hours, and as the last strokes dry on the canvas, I am praying for you dreamers, and those that will become dreamers, that you would receive willingly, and have the courage to move forward with His leading. There is so much waiting to be poured out…

p.s. It appears that “yieldedness” is not a word, and yet…I plead artistic license.

p.p.s. The full title of this piece is “The Dreamer: His Dreams Become Us”, which speaks to the fact that we are beautified by becoming like Him. Like when people say, “Oh, that dress becomes you” (or “that dress is becoming on you”). In the same way, His dreams become us…they are becoming in us.




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