The Queen With Heart

I grabbed a blank canvas on a Sunday afternoon and went to town with this piece.

Broad strokes and a loose brush. Some splatters and drips.

I knew from the beginning that I wanted to paint something designed to be in a little girl’s room, and so I put some of my favorite colors into it (teal all day long, please). As it neared dinner time, I put away my paint things and it looked like this:


And I kept staring at it, feeling like something was missing, and eventually had to put it in “time out” as I often do with my paintings when I need a mental break from looking at it (which means I turn the canvas around to the wall so I can’t see it). Also, you’ll notice the gold markings look different than the final print image, and this is because the light caught it at a different angle (which is why I love using metallic accents in my paintings!)

Anyways, the next morning, I pulled it out of “time out” and thought to ask my 5 year old son what he thought the painting needed. He thought for a second and then said, “A heart…a pink one…right there” (indicating the top right hand corner). Now, I have never included hearts in my paintings, but something about his suggestion felt right, and I went with it (though I tweaked it by adding a few more). And thus, “Queen with Heart” was born. I love her focused, tender, yet fierce gaze.

I posted this piece on Instagram with this message:

queen with heart web qualityThis one is for the daughters.




And at the heart of it all, she is motivated by love.

First her love for the King, and then love for those around her.

She is marked by compassion, tenderness, kindness.

She has joy to see her through the darkest of nights.

She can love well, because she is loved well.

So, little daughters, see how the lioness is fearless. See how she hunts and chases. See how she leans on the strength of her sisters to get the job done.

You are a protector, defender of the weak.

You are brave, because you know the One who protects you.

You are beautiful, because He created you, and He does all things well.

With love,



If you would like your own copy of “The Queen with Heart,” click HERE.

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