Always Love.

It’s always Love.

It is Love that shakes away shame and says, “Try again.”

It is Love that presses in deep to pull the trapped from the pit.

Love bleeds.

It is willing to get messy.

It keeps going.

And it is when I am at my unloveliest that Love says, “You are Mine, and I love you.”

And It just keeps breaking down my walls, strengthening my roots all the while.

When everything is dark, sometimes the only way to go up is to go down. Down down down…hidden in the dark place…roots soaking up water and pushing growth to the surface.

Love is water to my soul.

And it’s always Love that I come back to, when I remember that I’ve forgotten what’s important.

And it’s always Love that overtakes me.

WavePainting (1)
“Overtaken By Love”

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