The Pachuca Collection

With Mexican folk art vibes and my favorite teal color playing prominently (with all of the other colors thrown in) this collection features fancifully colored creatures that are happy to be alive.

First inspired by a request for a set of three nursery pieces for my friend’s soon to be born little one, I had just the best time working on the three animals she chose: an axolotl, a coyote, and an armadillo.

Though I have yet to visit Mexico, I went internet traveling and discovered this amazing story: Pachuca wall murals and was hooked.

screen shot 2019-01-19 at 11.31.37 am
Photo Cred: the Germen Crew;

I am happy to now share with you the Pachuca Collection.

Aptly named after the capital city of Pachuca in Hidalgo, Mexico, home to this massive mural painted on over 200 houses by a group of young graffiti artists. I mean, those colors! All the happy colors! So much yes. (And speaking of painting a town, check out one of my favorite children’s books: Appelemando’s Dreams)

Grab a little piece of Pachuca inspiration to display in your own space (and thank you, Natashia, for pushing me in this direction!)

pachua collection in framessouzaarmadillosouza axolotl

Souza Coyote Dark in frame.jpg

Prints available HERE!


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