All Your “Yes’s”



Hey Mama,

I want to take a minute to honor those little tiny “yes’s” in your life this past year.

Like when you said “yes” to washing the dishes even though you were bone tired.

When you said “yes” to ignoring the dishes to sit down and try out that new creative idea.

When you said “yes” to sweeping out the dusty corners of your heart, unseen.

When you said “yes” to playing that game with your littles, even though you’d rather be doing other things.

When you said “yes” to letting them watch another show so you could have some quiet minutes to yourself, and cared zero cares about it.

When you said “yes” to your body right here and now, not wishing it to be something else.

When you said “yes” to that urge to smile at the stranger, even though you were having a bad day—you made them smile too.

I am convinced we are made of all our tiny “yes’s.” Sure, I’m proud you chose to rock a new healthy eating plan, or reached your sales goals. But I’m more proud of when you chose “yes” all those little times, when it wasn’t easy, and wasn’t seen.

Thanks. The world needs you, and all your tiny yes’s.

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