Lean Into Me

Though I first painted this piece last year, I realized I had never shared its story/inspiration here!


Looking at this painting, I think of:

Connection. Empathy. Honor.

There is a tension–a pressing into each other. A vulnerability. Humility.

I pray a great release of understanding between husbands and wives, and men and women in general. That we would be compelled to honor each other–recognizing each other’s strengths and bearing with one another’s weaknesses.

That we would call each other by our new names–that though we are weak we would say, “You are strong” and be propelled into strength. And though we are faithless, we would say, “You know He will do it” and be thrust into raw trust.

We need each other. We do not complete each other, as only He can do that, but we do need each other. Ebb and flow, give and take, shoulder to shoulder.

I pray healing over broken relationships, over the brokenness that has been trying to pull healing from other broken places. We will find our strength in Him.

Isaiah 30:15, Psalm 147:3

There is a reproduction painting of the original (30×30 acrylic on canvas) on sale now at Kairos Coffeehouse in Colorado Springs. You may also purchase a 12×12 print HERE!

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