Bring What You Have

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It is quite a thing to love doing something, see other people doing it amazingly well, and then still be willing to keep on doing that thing that you love, even though it feels like it doesn’t measure up.

I kind of imagine a big pot luck meal, where everyone brings their specialty. That amazing fried chicken, that exquisite 6-layered chocolate cake, and what do I have in my pantry? A box of jello. So I make the jello, struggling mentally with how it will be received and how it will look alongside everyone else’s offerings. So there I go with my molded jello, placing it on the table and turning away. A few minutes later someone walks up to me with tears running down their face, thanking me for bringing the jello.

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I am flabbergasted at this emotional response to my measly offering, but she explains to me that her grandmother passed away several weeks previously, and she was really missing her. When she saw the jello on the table, she smiled and teared up, as every time she visited her grandmother growing up, there was always a special jello dish waiting for her.

Look, I know that scenario didn’t really happen, but it might as well have. Because here’s the thing about what we all have to offer–it’s enough. It will connect with the right person or people. As we keep doing that thing we love, we will inevitably improve and have new things to bring to the table, and they will continue to connect with the right people. Keep on bringing your things to the table–it’s not about you anyway!



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