What’s up with Wonder Woman?

Why is Wonder Woman capturing the hearts of so many women?

Maybe we’re tired of being “rescued.” Maybe we hear that inner roar, and thus so easily identify with her bravery and desire to help others in the face of grave danger.

She is strong; not known for any desire to put her sexuality on display, but just plain beautiful. Beautiful and brave.

ww closeup (1)

During one scene, she stops the mission to answer the plea of a woman begging for help. She was moved by compassion.


I love the strengths God has given to women. We have big hearts. We feel deeply, and thus can be motivated to move and fight and accomplish for the sake of love.

I remember reading somewhere that a guy posted on Twitter:

“The whole movie is basically some guy saying, ‘You can’t do that,’ and her saying, ‘Yes I can, I did it. It’s done’.”

Now, let’s have a nice chat about submitting to one another here sometime soon. Because it’s uber important to understand. But right now, let’s talk about the need for women to say, “Yes I can”.

ww version 3

Yes I can be moved by love.

Yes I can do hard things.

Yes I can move with a strength not my own and be victorious over darkness.

Yes I can.

And not for our own glory, but for the sake of love itself. And I do of course mean Love Himself, for God is love.

Rise up, women, my sisters. Comrades, do the hard thing. Protect others (with your words and actions). Free the captives with your words and shining light.

And realize, too, that this is not a one-woman show. You may have to be the first among your friends to make some bold moves, but the point is to reproduce bravery, multiply tenacity, and call out to others to join the ranks of the brave-hearted.

Now is the time, dear one. Fight for the heart of your King, and be bold in your love.

Wonder Woman: Brave heart is available HERE.


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