So You Wanna Buy Some Art?

Hey there!

So that one painting poked your heart a little (or a lot?) and you’re wondering if you might like to have it in your home?

Thought I’d take this opportunity to explain my pricing structure so you can hem and haw with as much clarity as possible (cue memory of my mom telling the store clerk, “Ok, I think I’ll just hem and haw a bit now”).

So we’re dealing with two main categories here:

  1. Original Acrylic on Canvas paintings
  2. Commissioned Acrylic on Canvas paintings

Anything I post on social media falls into the first category. I made it, it’s done. If you have something else in mind that you would like me to create, I’d absolutely love to. I enjoy working with clients to discuss what they’re wanting in a piece, such as custom color palettes, a certain emotion they want to convey, or capturing a special memory/loved one.

Now on to pricing. I use the linear pricing model, which goes by the linear inch (height + width) and a multiplier. I use such a wide range of sizes that this keeps things straight forward.

Here’s an example: Say you like this take-a-breath-of-fresh-air landscape:


It measures 18×24. Using linear pricing, add those two numbers together: 18+24=42 and multiply by 5 (this 5 is made up of my materials, time, and love). 42×5 = 210. BOOM there you have it. You could take this painting home for $210.

But then let’s say you want something else but similar. Like…A landscape like this but with different people…and maybe a dog. Now we have a commissioned piece.

We take our same sum of 42 and use a new multiplier of 7 (the multiplier is increased for commissioned paintings): 42×7=$294. (Side note: ANY commissioned piece will use this same multiplier.)

Not sure what size you’re wanting? It might help to consider where you want to hang it first. Do you want to make a bold statement? (Go BIG!) Or maybe want to add a special, custom touch to a wall collage with some of your other pieces of art? A more moderate size will be perfect. There are some great resources online that show different canvas sizes next to each other on display. Simply search for “Size of canvas comparison” and choose “Images”. Or just click here.

Sure, prints are nice (especially if you’re wanting to buy several to display together), but there is just something special about seeing the chunky texture of the paint reflect the light, and even change its appearance slightly as the sun goes down and different aspects of the painting are more apparent. But I digress…

I am always happy to answer any of your questions or hear the ideas you are considering for a commissioned piece. You can use the “Contact” feature on the homepage of my website, or reach out in the comments section.

I will soon be adding a section to my website featuring my original paintings + prices. Subscribe to my blog to stay up to date and have first dibs! (Click here and find the side bar on the right hand side).


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