My Thoughts on Painting God:

I can’t. 

He’s too big, too magnificent, so very much “other than,” that it’s completely and entirely beyond my comprehension.

But then there’s Jesus.

This God-Man. Like, WHAT?! Who’s idea was that?? And He has ALL of His Father’s heart and spirit and love all wrapped up in His skin, contained within His bones, but then not really contained because He leaked that love and spirit and magnificence everywhere He went.

FullSizeRender 2

He was irresistible to the hungry, and despicable to the self-righteous. He was so kind, you know? And He kept doing things that people didn’t expect, that didn’t make sense to them. But once He captured their hearts, they loved Him till the end.

And I had this dream once, a long time ago in fact, that I saw the face of Jesus. Only once. His eyes pierced straight into my soul, knowing me completely and loving me all the same. Afterwards, I was confused about why I saw His eyes as a bright, ice blue (considering His human ethnicity). But then, FIRE. You know, the Bible says that His eyes blaze like fire. I’ve seen blue fire before.

I have painted many lions and horses and other things that represent a piece of Him, some aspect of His character, before, but today I dove in.

I wanted to remember His eyes, to draw close to Him as I remembered, meditated on His heart. That kind, KIND heart of His. Because I want to be like Him, and don’t we become like what we meditate upon?

Anyways, I cried. I didn’t see it coming but the tears welled up and started streaming as I made those first strokes. Because, Jesus.

This Son of God that never stops pursuing Me and sears into my memory a dream from many years ago so that I remember that feeling all over again as I make a feeble attempt to capture a piece of that feeling on a simple canvas.

And I pray for you, right there, wherever you’re reading this, that you will encounter Him. That you will ask and seek and He will be there, absorbing your gaze and filling you with His never-giving up, never-running out, ever-enduring LOVE.

You are worth it to Him. Worth seeking out.







One Comment

  1. Jack Coss

    Hey Lauren,

    Your writings are an ongoing testimony of your life in Christ. It is easy to see from your writings and paintings your great love and joy in Christ, an encouragement and challenge to all who “read you.”

    No, you “can’t” paint him, nor can anyone, because an image doesn’t do him complete justice, but the eye painting does convey something special like you described in your writing. Thanks for your shining, jubilent sharing.

    We love you and your family, and God willing, we will see you in September.




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