Encountering the Unexpected

So we moved into this house, this Promise House, and we tore down the walls and laid down the floors and made our nest.

And I saw those brown sticks out there, bordering the fence. Thorns. Wasn’t sure what they’d become.

But as the warmer winds started to blow and the thunderstorms came and the water fell, green sprouts appeared, first here, then there. Green, green, green. I woke up one day and as I looked out the back door while making breakfast, a splash of the brightest orange-red caught my eye, right there in the back corner of the yard. It surprised me. “What is that?” I thought. Pajamas and all I ran (yes literally) to go check it out. A huge poppy greeted me. I didn’t plant it. But there it was, blooming.

And I walked down the path, looking closely to see what else was going on. Some wild, tall grass, some weeds (gotta take care of those) and then lots of different varieties of plants. Some I recognized, most I didn’t. Purples, yellows, reds, pinks, all there.

So many things were changing every day, growing, opening up, that I called the boys out with me to start checking out the scene each morning. “Let’s go see what is growing today!” And they would dutifully follow me around the yard.

This morning, Dustin got up with the kids. As I roused from sleep, I heard happy little voices out the open window. Then exclaiming. “Oh wow! Look at THESE!” “And look at THESE pretty flowers!”

Because you know, we can sing to them songs of what is important and beautiful and meaningful, and then at some point, they start singing those songs back to us.

Expect joy in unexpected places. This is grace. Just one way He has lavished His love on me. Surprising, unexpected. He is a very good Lavisher. He shows us what is important, and beautiful, and meaningful. And at some point, we will start singing His song back to Him, and thus become His light and joy and healing, lavishing love on others in unexpected and surprising ways.



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