On Being Creative…and Challenging Yourself

Hey you and your creative self,

You know how the idea strikes and your mind swirls with the possibility…and if the time is right and you have the supplies…you make the idea come to life?

And then another time, maybe you’re bored and (potentially) a little grumpy and don’t want to create anything?

I’d like to propose to you, do it anyway.

Dustin challenged me once to create as a discipline (as in, sometimes choose to create even when you’re not feeling like it). So I did, and it was a weird feeling, my heart being somewhat disconnected to the task before me. But somewhere along the way I connected a bit more and in the end was rather fascinated that I didn’t completely hate how the colors and shapes came together on the canvas. In fact, I down right liked it!

FullSizeRender 3

(Side note: I can be inspired out the wazoo and be all excited to create something new and then in the end it’s a crap shoot, but we’ll talk about failure and mistakes and being ok with it another time.)

Anyways, I thought it was time for a new challenge and was curious to see what my friends would come up with, so I decided to invite everyone (via a facebook post) to submit a photo that they loved and I would pick one and paint it. Some were hilarious, some were sweet, and some were deep, and I loved it! It was hard to pick one but finally I did.


Isn’t that a beautiful photo? It speaks of adventure, freedom, the glory of creation, and a mother’s bond with her sons.

The more I paint, the more I find I am drawn to a more impressionist style, and I cannot get enough of metallic gold and bronze. Here’s how my piece turned out:


I’m not entirely sure how I didn’t realize the size difference between the people in the reference photo and the painting until I was finished, but I still like it (I mean, artistic license, right? Hehe).

Do you have any creative challenges you’d like to share about?


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