Walking through the open doors…an update on Grady.

My heart rate rose as I scanned the typed print and realized I had no idea what to put down for most of the answers. “Get this right or his future is at stake!” I thought to myself. Talk about intense.

Legal stuff. Papers-to-stay-in-America stuff. A still, small voice cut in to my anxious heart:

“You can’t mess this up.”

I let that sink in, kind of confused, and then I saw a picture in my mind of a doorstep ahead of me, and the door was already pushed open. “Walk through the doors that are already open,” I heard Him speak gently .

Now THAT, that I can do. So I called some numbers and scheduled a visit with immigration and assembled all the documents I knew to assemble, and I sent it off in an overnight envelope, sealed with my feeble trust. I will do my best, and He will open the doors.

As the days pass and the to-do list grows with mountains of paperwork and phone calls and meetings and doctors visits, He continues to open the doors.

  • Our $9,000 goal for Grady’s Sight Fund was met (and exceeded) within a few short weeks
  • Grady was accepted into a charity program that gives greatly discounted medical care (which means we should be able to reserve the necessary funds for vision therapy after his cornea re-transplants are completed–see below for his sight update)
  • We found a house (and are currently under contract as first time home buyers)
  • Grady began school this week and is thriving under the encouragement and instruction from his team of teachers
  • The hospital called and has scheduled his *cornea re-transplant for THIS TUESDAY, January 24th! (We were not expecting to get in for another month or two!)

*Sight Update:

At the time of our fundraising in early December, the plan was to bring Grady home and immediately begin his vision therapy sessions (and have periodic checkups with his ophthalmologist in Denver). During that same time, however, Grady’s eyes began to reject the cornea transplants that he received over the summer. After having regained some of his vision because his lenses were no longer “cloudy,” he was now back to square one as his eyes grew scar tissue and obstructed his vision again. It was very disappointing news. The next step was to reattempt the cornea transplants in both eyes. 

Fast forward to this morning, January 20th. My phone rang and the caller ID showed it was the hospital. “We have scheduled Grady for this Tuesday, January 24th…” My jaw dropped and my eyes grew wide. “Check in is at 5:30am…” And I internally coached myself to take deep breaths. Another open door! And as it so happened, a dearest of dear friend was over visiting, and upon hearing the news she said, “I’ve got the kids!” (Miles and Trace). Plan in place. Children cared for. And hope hoping. 

Not sure if this is all like a roller coaster, a mountain trek, an obstacle course, or just what…but as things heat up and get more intense, I sense the Lord so near, just inviting me to lean, lean, lean right into Him. And as need after need is met, I cannot help but overflow with thanks. He’s got this. Every single part of this.

To those that have given financially, brought warm meals, showered love on my children, and welcomed Grady with open arms and hearts, THANK YOU. Such an incredible community we have around us, supporting, loving, and encouraging us.

As I seek the Lord for the healing of Grady’s eyes, I sense Him saying, “Trust My timing.” And so I do. I also plan to keep “bugging” Him with my request for full restoration of his sight 😉 I mean, if the woman in the Bible that kept bugging the judge finally received what she asked of him, then I’m never going to give up!


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