I can do hard things

Those darned plastic packages, they’re down right challenging sometimes.

Miles was working to open the plastic sleeve of his cheese stick this morning. After some grunts, he triumphantly stated, “I can do hard things.”

Right on, little man.

A few days ago, he was struggling to accomplish some task, and was whining about it. “Miles, you can do it…you can do hard things.” Not sure he believed me then, but I kept reminding him with other tasks, “You can do hard things, Miles,” and eventually he agreed with “yes I can!”

Oh, the power of words.

It’s so easy for me to fall into negative correcting mode. “Don’t pick your nose, don’t say mean things, don’t be rude…”

I felt Holy Spirit nudge me last week to be more intentional in those moments of correction. After some poor choice, instead of a negative verbal response, I instead said, “That’s not who you are, Miles. You are kind, you are smart, you are a good friend, you are brave…and you can do hard things.”

Now time for a tune-up on my own internal dialogues. #Coachyoself #SpeaklifeIMG_4087


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