28, Twenty-Niiiiiiiine….

I’m turning 29 tomorrow. Cool.

When I tried out that new number yesterday, thinking, “I’m about to be 29,” I immediately thought of kids playing hide and seek and while everyone goes and hides the one kid is counting, “…27, 28, (and he slows down and gets louder to increase dramatic emphasis) twenty-NIIIIIIIIIINE…(and though he’s saying a number he’s really saying “I’M ABOUT TO COME GET YOU!!!”)


And Jesus pursues us. He seeks us out. When we’ve hidden parts of our heart, whether from pain or fear or uncertainty…he seeks us out, because He values every part of us and wants to heal and bless and care for every. single. part of us.

That’s pretty amazing.

Because He’s not afraid of getting dirty; He’s not afraid of the dark. He plunges in and calls us out.

And though He has captured so much of my heart–showing me that I can trust Him always–I know that there is more. More freedom, more revelation, more closeness, more trust…there is always more.

So 29, you are the year of MORE. 

“Ready or not, here You come!”


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