What do you mean co-creating?

Do you think Jesus likes painting?

I think He does.

“All things were made through Him…” (John 1:3a) So I’m pretty sure He likes making stuff. Beautiful stuff. Complicated, well-designed, extraordinary stuff. Like you. Like the universe. Like the creatures in the sea and on land and in the air. Colorful, diverse, mathematically sound. He likes order; he likes ordered chaos.

He went to heaven some 2,000 odd years ago, and promised to send us His very Spirit, who would be with us forever, and would lead us into all truth (John 14). He said the Holy Spirit would be our teacher and counselor; a friend sticking closer than a brother.

And because He is my constant companion, we can paint together.


I sit in front of my canvas, sometimes in silence, sometimes with music playing, and I look and I strain to see with the eyes of my heart. And He shows me things; teaches me things. How to mix colors; what colors look good together.

When I paint a horse, I ask Him to show me, teach me about the horse–He designed it, who better to ask?


I see His fingerprints everywhere. He didn’t just make flowers; He made LOADS of them–all different shapes and colors and varieties. He loves creating beauty. And the more I look, the more I see, and the more I see, the more I want to look.



I want aspects of His character to shine in everything I create.


He’ll create with you, too…if you ask Him.


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