Rock Love

It’s the little things.

I forget to look down, and look closely.

I forget to look up, and be amazed.

If I come home and see flowers in a vase have appeared on my table (thanks hubby) I am thrilled. Someone went out of their way to give me something of beauty to brighten my life.

What if I looked for “vases of flowers” in my daily life? I snapped a picture of the rocks in my yard today and looked more closely. Look at all those little guys, each so unique! (I saturated the colors to study them better.) Beauty. What if I stopped worrying about getting home on time while stressing about dinner and looked up while at the stop light to see those towering mountains, with the setting sun streaming through those clouds? Beauty.

Beauty surrounds us, and I can have faith in that…that there will always be beauty, tucked away in unexpected places, or even framed and obvious, waiting for me to stop spinning my wheels long enough to notice!

There is Someone who loves us, and wants to brighten our lives with beauty every day. He is the best artist.


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