Why I decided to start wearing my scorned (favorite) boots

So funny story.

I was shopping with my mom at an outlet mall about 5 years ago and we walked into the Clarks store. I found this pair of brown boots (men’s size 7) on the clearance rack and she bought them for me. I thought they were pretty cool, but didn’t really know what to wear them with. So they sat in my closet.

One day I pulled them out and wore them with some bootcut jeans and blousy top (it was kind of a long shot) and a girl said to me, “So Lauren, you got your construction boots on?” And my heart melted a little inside. Or a lot. I was embarrassed. Back to the closet they went, but I didn’t want to let go of them. Fast forward 4 years and I decided to try again. I liked those shoes, darnit. So this time I paired them with some skinny jeans and a light blue button down oxford (and a puffer vest). Then I went outside and sawed some wood. I’m pretty sure I wore those boots, jeans, and a flannel shirt nearly every day last winter, haha.

So sometimes people will say things. And sometimes we need to do things anyway. It’s more important that we’re true to ourselves than doing things so people will like us.


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