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My name is Lauren.

I’m an artist. I’m a storyteller. My goal is to create beauty, and my wish is that something I create will add joy and beauty to your life and home.

I’m married to my college sweetheart and we have three sweet boys and have made our home in Colorado Springs.


Travel and nature will always play prominently in my art. I lived and worked in China for several years and have always loved to study the details of how things were created in the wild (God is the best artist). Light is fascinating to me–how it makes things come alive and sparkle; studying and displaying the interplay of light and dark is my favorite. I first began to step out and explore art more in 2015. I chose the name Willow Branch Studio to remember the life and legacy of a baby we lost in 2014. Read Willow’s story HERE.

Would love to connect and know more about you! My customers often have the best ideas for art inspiration. What matters to you? What inspires you right now? If there is a subject that you would love to see come alive in Willow Branch style, let me know!






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